Welcome to the Caliphate!

Blogged in Islamofascism,Palestinian Authority by Gloria Salt Thursday August 24, 2006

Now this is an interesting editorial choice. The Jerusalem Post has a story ostensibly about the sham of a meeting the Fatah old-guard cronies are holding in Jordan at which they are pretending to discuss necessary reforms. But graf 2 begins with a truly eye-popping “meanwhile”:

Meanwhile, a radical Islamic group called Hizb al-Tahrir (Liberation Party) is planning to declare the birth of an Islamic caliphate in the Gaza Strip on Friday.

Come again?

Turns out these guys are “more extreme than Hamas” and have been substantially buoyed in popularity by the Hezbollah “victory” over Israel in south Lebanon.

When this group made similar noises in Jordan, this was the response:

Jordanian security forces recently foiled a similar attempt by the party’s followers in the kingdom and arrested most of their leaders. Ramzi Sawalhah, the leader of Hizb al-Tahrir in Jordan, was arrested shortly after he delivered a sermon in a mosque in which he called for replacing the monarchy with an Islamic caliphate.

Abbas is too impotent to do much of anything and the Hamasniks probably love the idea, so I suggest to anyone planning on visiting Gaza in the near future to start either growing a beard or shopping for a burqa, as the case may be.

By the way (I’m posting in haste as my daughter needs to nurse) the abduction of the two Fox journalists over a week ago by Palestinian thugs is boneheaded even by their own elevated standards. Nothing like terrorizing journalists out of coming to broadcast your version of the story to win the day.

Also by the way, the name of that wacky let’s-start-the-Caliphate-in-Gaza gang sounds familiar. Would any of you know whether it’s the same group as the one to which that Guardian terrorist/journalist who made headlines about six months ago belonged?

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  1. Chaim says:

    I keep going back and forth between thinking that jihadis’ perception of victory is important and thinking that what really matters is objective power constellations. So far as those are concerned, there’s a JPost piece by Edward Luttwak


    that I found at least moderately encouraging.
    Hamas and Hezbollah were always, in my view, linked up with a global jihadist movement, so I wonder whether there might be some sort of net benefit to the fact that Hizb al Tahrir are at least more explicit about their aims. There’s not even the pretense of confining their struggle to the Middle East. The main question is what sort of capability they have.

    Then again, there’s a way to view even the explicitness part pessimistically: some in the West (I personally know some people like this; I wish I could say they had no influence) might mistake Hamas’ superficial relative moderation (when compared with HaT) for a genuine big difference, and might urge compromise with Hamas because now Hamas will look like some middle point on the continuum, between Fatah and HaT. Moderation is reflexively/intuitively associated with middle points on continuums by people who don’t realize that in the case of Palestinian politics, the _whole_ continuum is messed up, and that even the party at the middle point (and perhaps Fatah as well) wants to destroy Israel. In other words, middle needn’t mean moderate.

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