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Blogged in General - Israel,Hezbollah,Iran,Lebanon War,Syria by Gloria Salt Sunday August 13, 2006

Well, we’ve lost. A cease-fire will be put in place on Monday that
a) does not get us our kidnapped soldiers back;
b) will give Hezbollah the opportunity to rearm in comfort, thus rendering the losses suffered by the IDF up to this point horribly meaningless;
c) will prevent us from defending ourselves without being heaped with condemnation;
d) formally legitimizes Hezbollah as an actor on the world stage (their responsibility for the mass murder of over 200 US Marines at their barracks in Beirut in 1983 has apparently been forgiven and forgotten); and
e) — and on this one I don’t think I can find words adequate to describe my sense of doom — assigns the responsibility for assessing compliance or noncompliance with the terms of the cease-fire to Kofi Annan. Maybe we should all just march into the sea now and get it over with.

I’m too depressed by this to write a long post at the moment, but I did happen across a wonderful piece by Claudia Rossett at the National Review that I commend to you heartily. In it she first expresses her disgust at the victory just handed to Hezbollah (and therefore to Iran and Syria) at the expense of Israel and the rest of the free world, and then she proposes a new UN resolution. The following are excerpts:

Recalling that all its previous resolutions on the situation in the Middle East have failed to evict terrorists and Syrian toadies from Lebanon, failed to stop Iran’s terror-sponsoring and nuclear-bomb-building projects, failed to protect Israel from unprovoked attack, and failed to bring peace.

Recalling also that Israel in 2000 withdrew entirely from Lebanon to the satisfaction of the U.N., and that Hezbollah deliberately provoked this war by killing and kidnapping Israeli soldiers inside Israel’s borders, and — in some cases using children as human shields — has since fired into Israel with the intent of maximizing destruction and civilian deaths more than 3,300 missiles, from an arsenal at least four times that size brought illicitly into Lebanon under the gaze of U.N. peacekeepers who have been at best passive and at times have been caught actively collaborating with Hezbollah,

Urging, lest the message is not already crystal clear, that the Lebanese authorities come clean and officially acknowledge that Hezbollah is an Iranian-Syrian infestation of their country, running not “social services” but protection rackets; broadcasting terrorist propaganda both at home and abroad on its Al-Manar TV station, thus endangering other U.N. member states; and infiltrating its political fronts into the national institutions of Lebanon with the aim of taking over the country and turning it into an Islamic state fronting for Syria and Iran,

Calls for even the worst hypocrites on this same Security Council to stop huffing and puffing their way through resolutions that equate democratic states with totalitarian regimes and their terrorist shock troops, and instead recognize that Iran and Syria today have already declared war not only on Israel, but on the entire Free World…

Read the whole thing. (Via LGF.)

6 Responses to “That’s It Then”

  1. Castonya says:

    Just to let you know that despite what our newspapers and politicians might say there are a lot of people in the UK who fully support your country and feel genuine sympathy for your plight.

  2. Gloria Salt says:

    Castonya, I genuinely appreciate that…thank you.

  3. Bernard says:

    Gloria, this is my first time returning since you restarted your blog. I’m glad you are back writing again.

    I am as depressed as you are by this turn of events. But I also know things can turn around quickly, when we least expect them to. So, keep your chin up.

    My view is that Israel should reinforce the message already implicitly made, ie, that Lebanon will be held responsible for what happens within its borders, and will not be given a pass for failing to control Hezbollah. It should also be explicitly stated that Syria and Iran will also be held responsible insofar as they enable future attacks against Israel.

    I wonder if there isn’t more going on behind the scenes than either of us can possibly know. I’m thinking specifically about Ahmadinejad’s fixation on August 22. I suspect he thinks he has a surprise in store for the world come then, but it may in fact be him who is surprised.

    Kofi Annan is a joke. You know it, I know it. An ever increasing percentage of the rest of the world knows it as well.

    And finally, no, some of us have not forgotten that Hezbollah is responsible for the murder of over 200 Americans in 1983. Some of us have extremely long memories. We may bide our time, but we will not forget.

  4. Hang in there, Gloria. There are theories that this is all rather subtler than it looks. Nasrallah is now, by the terms of the UNSC resolution, required to disarm south of the Litani, which I’m sure is the last thing he wants to do; what is Hizballah good for, if it can’t be seen confronting Israel?

    Perhaps Nasrallah expected Olmert’s cabinet to reject the cease-fire; if so, Olmert called his bluff. Now, if he disarms, he removes his source of power and reason for existing — and if he doesn’t, it is he who breaks the cease-fire, not Israel, and thus he who is ignoring the UN. And if the cease-fire is broken, Israel can continue to do what needs to be done.

    There’s more on this, much more, at Captain’s Quarters and Pajamas Media. I’m not sure I believe it yet, but I sure want to!

    Daniel in Brookline

  5. Tim Newman says:

    Hey, don’t despair Gloria. This Brit is fully behind the Israeli cause, and if push really comes to shove I’d even come over there and pull on a uniform for a while.

  6. Bernard says:

    Gloria, I will be interested in hearing your thoughts once things have settled a bit and you have had time to reflect.

    I’m wondering, is Olmert finished? I get that sense, though it’s hard to tell from this distance. If so, does Netanyahu replace him?

    I’m also curious to know your thoughts on whether this ceasefire could be a strategic ploy to cultivate a rift between Lebanon and Hezbollah. As long as Israel is part of the mix, then she will be the object of attention. But perhaps now the Lebanese people will concentrate instead on the true source of their problems? On the other hand, maybe it no longer matters, that is if Hezbollah just decides it’s time to take over the whole country. If that happens, then the next war becomes a classic confrontation between opposing states, which perhaps plays to Israel’s strengths?

    And then, there’s also the possibility this is but a prelude to dealing with Tehran. (Take care of the mullahs and that takes care of a whole host of problems?) Israel has shown the capacity for boldness before; could she be readying such a stroke even now?

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